Former Contra Costa Officers Weilsch and Lombardi Now Linked to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

By: Helene Goupil - Fri, 13 May 2011 12:25:11 -0800

ANTIOCH (KRON) – Two former Contra Costa officers facing allegations of drug and weapon charges and allegedly running a brothel are now linked to a wrongful death lawsuit involving an Antioch man.

Timothy Mitchell II was shot and killed in 2008, during a drug raid which was led by Commander Norman Wielsch and Danville police officers Louis Lombardi.

Police alleged they shot Mitchell after he reached for an officer’s gun. It was later revealed,   through fingerprints, that Mitchell was not a suspect in the drug case.

At the time, Mitchell’s family sued the police department but the shooting was ruled a justifiable homicide and the lawsuit was thrown out. Given the recent allegations against the CNET officers, a judge has reversed that decision and will allow the lawsuit to proceed.

Mitchell's mother says, “she is pleased with the judge's latest decision.”
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