George Rask

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Traffic Anchor George Rask joined KRON 4 in August 2005 and appears on the KRON 4 Morning News.  

Rask is a Bay Area broadcast veteran, beginning here on KCBS radio in 1982.  During his time there, he founded and operated the Bay Area’s premiere regional traffic service, called Traffic Central.  After selling that business, he began Auto Talk, an all-traffic radio channel.

In 1980, George was working for an air-traffic company and was airborne over Mt. St. Helens when it began to erupt.  He was coaxed into broadcasting during this natural disaster and won an AP Broadcast Journal Award from his coverage.  With that, his broadcasting career began…

George has served on many boards and councils concerning traffic and roadways in the Bay Area.  Among them, the Board of Directors of RIDES for Bay Area commuters and the Advisory Committee for the Traffic Information Project, now the Traffic Management Center.

George was born and raised in Portland, Oregon and was a business major at the University of Portland.  He loves old movies, model railroading, and dining at the Bay Area’s best restaurants.  Rask truly enjoys researching and reporting on traffic.
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