Darya Folsom

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Darya Folsom has been the anchor of the KRON-4 Morning News since 1999.  Before coming to the bay area, she was a news anchor for network affiliates in Washington, D.C. and Phoenix, AZ.   Earlier in her career, she was a reporter Boise, Idaho, Portland, Maine and Palm Springs, California.

Darya knew she wanted a career in journalism from the age of 5 (when most kids start asking a million questions... the difference is Darya never stopped). If she didn’t spend so much time talking, Folsom might have become a classical musician. She played the violin for five years, dabbled in the drums and harp, and played the flute for 13 years, studying at the Hartford Conservatory.  Darya went to the University of Kansas and majored in broadcast journalism.  After spending a year studying art history and political science in London, she graduated with honors from K.U.

Folsom has traveled throughout Europe, Russia, Asia and the Middle East. Her reporting has taken her 10,000 feet up to sky dive, to Guatemala to expose sweatshops, to Hollywood for the Oscars and to the political party National Conventions.  She has won many honors and awards including Emmy awards for best newscast, serious feature and new reporting, and the C. Everett Koop Media Award for health reporting.

Darya has been involved in numerous Bay Area events benefiting local charities for AIDS, the Diabetes Association, children with cancer, the San Mateo Parks Foundation, and the Read California campaign.
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