Teddy Bear Camera Among Evidence Against Elementary School Principal

By: Brian Shields - Wed, 26 Sep 2012 01:19:00 -0800

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- Police say a search of the San Francisco home of a Santa Clara elementary school teacher turned up drugs as well as hidden cameras.

A formal complaint lists the discoveries officers say they found in the home of Eric Dean Lewis including a variety of drugs and cameras hidden in such places as the nose of a teddy bear, a coat hanger, a lighter, a watch, and on a corner shelf in the bedroom.

"Based on the fact that Eric Lewis was a school teacher and the fact that there was no apparent reason to have so many hidden cameras, especially the teddy bear hidden camera, I took control of the cameras as evidence to crimes we may find on his computer (IE Videos)," Mountain View Officer W. Magee wrote in the formal complaint."

The document details a long surveillance of Lewis who is the principal of Montague Elementary in Santa Clara with the help of a confidential informant known only as "X."  The report describes text messages allegedly exchanged between the informant and Lewis in which the two discuss using methamphetamines, GHB, and other illegal drugs.

The report says Lewis met the informant on the ADAM4ADAM.com web site where he used a profile called MASCFUNINSF.  The complaint includes numerous instances of Lewis allegedly telling the informant he wanted to "blow clouds" a slang term for smoking meth.

Eventually police followed Lewis to his San Francisco home where he had arranged to meet the informant.  Police arrested the principal and conducted a search of his home.

"Certainly the D.A. is going to want to look at any videotapes that may be available," Legal Analyst Steven Clark tells KRON 4.  "They're going to want to look at the hard drives they found on the computers to see whether people were abused physically by this defendant who may have been unconcious or under the influence at the time.  That's going to be important for the D.A. to focus on but in particular, because of the access to minors and because he was a principal, they want to make sure no minors may be involved in this."

Lewis was arraigned Monday and held on $25,000 bail.

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