Dog Owners Urged to Be Cautious at Sunnyvale Dog Park After Rat Poison is Found

By: Helene Goupil - Tue, 08 Mar 2011 21:39:16 -0800

SUNNYVALE (KRON) – Sunnyvale animal control officials are urging dog owners who take their pets to the Las Palmas Dog Park to watch their pets carefully while in the park after rat poison was discovered there.

In two separate instances, opened bait boxes of commercial rat poison have been found in the dog park. There have been no reports of any injuries from the poison.

The boxes were reported to city staff and promptly removed. Investigators analyzed the contents and the test results showed that it was rat poison, Animal Control Officer Michelle Morgan said.

Pet owners are urged to watch the area where they exercise their dogs and prevent their dogs from investigating or eating items left in the park.

Anyone with information as to the source of the poison boxes is urged to call Sunnyvale Animal Control at (408) 730-7178.

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