Update: One-Year Old Shooting Victim to Remain on Life Support Until Friday Afternoon

By: Brian Shields - Thu, 08 Dec 2011 17:48:27 -0800

OAKLAND (KRON) -- Baby Hiram Lawrence, the one-year old shot in the head last week in West Oakland, is brain dead and will soon be taken off life support at 1:00 p.m. Friday, a lawyer for the victim's family tells KRON 4 News.

Tests on the child confirmed the absence of brain activity.  Doctors at Children's Hospital in Oakland are reportedly preparing the family for the removal of the machines that are keeping the child alive.

Officials say they will remove the child from life support early Friday afternoon.  The family had asked for additional time to say farewells to the toddler.

The decision comes a day after the family had sought a second opinion on the child's long-term prognosis.  Earlier family members had asked for patient's rights attorneys to help with their dispute with the hospital over whether it was possible for the toddler to survive his wounds.

Attorney Ivan Golde, who appears weekly on the KRON 4 Morning News, is representing the family in the matter.  He says the test results have convinced the family it's time to remove the life supports.

Family members were gathering at the hospital Thursday afternoon to say their final goodbyes to the baby.  The family has cleared the hospital to comment on the case.  A statement is expected soon.

Baby Hiram was one of seven people wounded a week ago Monday when several gunmen opened fire on a group of people watching the filming of a rap video near Willow and 7th in West Oakland.  Police have identified five "persons of interest" in the shooting.

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