Alameda tenants face eviction notices during holidays

ALAMEDA (KRON) -- The housing crises in the Bay Area has not slowed for the holidays.

KRON4's Gabe Slate spoke with some Alameda residents who were served with three-day eviction notices right before Christmas.

"We didn't even buy a Christmas tree because all this notice we are getting we don't know if we're going to get out or we are going to be out on the street or what," said Gina Wayamba.

Wayamba has lived in the Bayview Apartment complex off Central Avenue in Alameda for seven years.

She is a single mom working two jobs supporting her three daughters and parents.

Wayamba has not been able to find another place to rent in Alameda.

She wants to keep her kids in their school which is right next to the apartment building.

"I would have to move to Modesto to find something I can afford," she told KRON4. "We are not bad people, we pay rent on time, we don't cause trouble."

She's received a couple eviction notices for late rent payments but she was able to prove she paid on time. The last eviction she was hit with was a three-day notice.

"They said it was for renovation but I'm sure they could move me into another apartment if they wanted to during that," Wayamba said.

There are 33 units at the complex.

KRON4 spoke with four tenants who have received no cause eviction notices.

They all told KRON4 they have spoken with newer tenants who have recently moved in and they are paying almost triple what the long-term residents are paying.

"Obviously they want to move people out to rent to higher cost," Wayamba said.

"The last thing that happened is 60-day eviction notice taped to my door next to my Christmas wreath," said Julia Balthasar.

Balthasar has lived there for seven years, and six days before Christmas she got a 60 day no cause eviction notice.

"Where am I supposed to live? Tent city? In a tent? I want to live and not worry that I'll come out and have an eviction on my door," Wayamba said.

KRON4 reached out the owner of this complex serving up the evictions and they have not gotten back to us yet.

KRON4 also reached out to Alameda city officials, the mayor, city council members, and the city attorney.

The city manager Jill Keimach sent KRON4 a statement saying the City of Alameda knows the timing was bad for the recent evictions but they are in compliance with the requirements of the city's rent stabilization ordinance.

"The City of Alameda was made aware of the situation at 470 Central Avenue just last week and quickly reviewed the eviction notices. In total, the landlord issued six "no cause" eviction notices in a 12-month period, which does not exceed the monthly and annual limits set forth in Ordinance 3148 for this property. While the timing is not what anyone would want, the landlord has given three tenants a 60-day notice to vacate by February 20, which is in compliance with the requirements of the City's Rent Stabilization Ordinance. We know this is a hardship and are on-hand to answer any questions."

- Alameda City manager Jill Keimach


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