2 men arrested in string of car break-ins near San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square

SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) - Auto burglaries are a huge problem across the Bay Area, though San Francisco seems worse than most. 

On Thursday, a man was arrested in the string of car break-ins near San Francisco's Ghirardelli Square.

It's not hard to find cars that have been broken into in San Francisco. Now, police have arrested two men in connection with a series of weekend auto burglaries near Ghirardelli Square.  

“Both suspects were searched," San Francisco Police Officer Joseph Tomlinson said. "They both had burglary tools on them and also a firearm.”

One of the suspects, Jalen Bryant, has now been charged with possession of burglary tools and four felonies related to the loaded firearm. Police say after he allegedly broke into several cars on Saturday, Feb. 24, he allegedly busted through the gate of the Ghirardelli Square parking garage without paying. 

Police say he then returned to the same area the next day and was arrested near Beach and Larkin after committing additional auto burglaries.

“We try to make sure everything is out of sight under seats or underneath the cover,” said Elaine Roscoe, who is visiting San Francisco from New York with her husband.

Tourists visiting Ghirardelli Square say they leave nothing visible in their cars. While KRON4 found a few cars with backpacks and items that were clearly visible, most of the cars KRON4 looked into had little more than a coffee cup and a phone charger visible.

For some, it's a routine both here and at home.

For others, it's because of San Francisco's notorious reputation when it comes to auto break-ins.

“I check on the internet before I came for tips on where to park, and I heard a lot of people complaining about auto breaking and you shouldn't leave anything on the car,” said Plinio Degoe, who is visiting from Cincinnati with his wife Janet.



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