Police: Man arrested for stealing cars from Rossmoor community in Walnut Creek

WALNUT CREEK (KRON) -  A man is in custody for several charges, including stealing cars from the Rossmoor community in Walnut Creek on Saturday, according to Walnut Creek Police Department.

Rossmoor is a gated community for people age 55 and up.

During the early morning hours, police received more than one report about a man walking into homes and taking car keys. In two cases, it was reported that in two instances he used the keys to steal the residents’ cars.

One of those cars was found on Rossmoor property grounds, police said.

Contra Costa Sheriff’s Department was also alerted of the stolen cars, and deputies found the other stolen car.

After a brief pursuit, the stolen car crashed onto a curb on Livorna Rd. Police say the driver then ran into a nearby house and tried to steal a car parked in the garage.

A Walnut Creek PD officer and a Sheriff’s Sergeant arrested the  man without further incident.

Michael Kemper was arrested for:

  • 4 residential burglaries
  • 2 stolen vehicle thefts
  • 1 attempt stolen vehicle theft
  • Felony probation violation
  • Being under the influence of a controlled substance.

No one was injured in the incident.

Kemper had minor injuries to his face from crashing into the curb. He was treated for his injuries and taken to the Martinez Detention Facility for booking.

“The investigation determined that Kemper used the resident’s own “hidden key” to enter the three separate Rossmoor residences,” police said.

Walnut Creek PD that residents do not have “hidden keys” and instead provide a trusted relative or neighbor with a spare key for emergencies.

Anyone with information regarding this case and/or if you would like additional information regarding on how to safeguard/secure your residence, please call Sergeant David Rangel at 925-256-3573 or e-mail: rangel@walnutcreekpd.com or Detective Wallen Deng at 925-256-3518 or e-mail: deng@walnutcreekpd.com



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