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VIDEO: Social media post threatens shooting at Milpitas High School

MILPITAS (KRON) - A social media post threatened a school shooting at a Milpitas High School on Friday.

This is a scenario playing out several times around the Bay Area in recent days.

Students tell KRON4 the posting said there would be a shooting at Milpitas High on Friday.

That didn’t happen, but parents and students were clearly rattled by the threat, and police, along with the school district, are taking it seriously.

After she texted him about the perceived threat, Marciano Abuan rushed to Milpitas High and pulled his daughter out of school.

“I’m so scared,” Abuan said. “I just took the day off and came over to get my daughter.”

Milpitas police took action after a threatening social media posting began circulating on Thursday.

Police did not reveal its content, but students said it went something like this:

“It said, ‘I am going to shoot up the school,’ and then, ‘I will commit suicide.'”

“I heard that something was written in a bathroom that they would commit suicide after shooting up the school.”

Students said the message was posted on Snapchat and on a community Facebook page.

Police said they contacted the student whose posting of the message launched their investigation, only to learn that it had already been re-posted several times.

“There was one student who said, ‘I don’t know if I should take this seriously, but I am worried,’ so those two things were enough to ensure that we would be in close contact with the police,” Milpitas Unified School District spokeswoman Norma Rodriguez said.

Police had officers stationed outside both Milpitas High School and at Calaveras High School, as several worried parents arrived to take their kids out of school just in case.

“They called me and asked me to come and get them, so I am kind of shaken up and worried,” parent Emily Garcia said.



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