Beards tested to be as dirty as toilets

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (KRON) -- From Brian Wilson to James Harden, beards are huge right now, both figuratively and literally. But a new report says there might be a reason to really fear the beard.

Microbiologist John Golobic from New Mexico found that some beards have as many germs as a toilet seat, "these are the types of things that cause urinary tract infections."

A handful of men agreed to have their beards tested to see what, if anything is growing in them.

After testing them, even Golobic surprised at the results. "I'm usually not that surprised and I was surprised by this," Golobic said.

All of the beards tested had a lot of bacteria. Not all of it was bad, just the normal bacteria found on most surfaces, showing that beards can trap and hold quite a bit.

But some of the beards had a different type of bacteria, similar to the type found in, you guessed it, poop. Golobic put it more professionally, saying, "these are enterics, these are the types of things you find in feces."

While this bacteria may be gross, Golobic said it won't make a person sick, but "there would be a degree of un-cleanliness that would be somewhat disturbing."

Golobic recommends thorough beard scrubbing, lots of hand washing, and "try to keep your hands away from you face. As much as possible."

And here's a frightening thought; if a city was to find samples like the ones found in beards in the water supply, they would shut it down for disinfecting.

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