VIDEO: Bernie Sanders rally in Berkeley gets major turnout

BERKELEY (KRON) -- Senator Bernie Sanders was in the East Bay today promoting his new book, and KRON4's Hermela Aregawi was there.

She says Sanders talked about the usual topics including free college education, universal health care, income, and equality.

He also emphasized three things that he says his supporters should not compromise on when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump.

Those three things are bigotry, climate change, and democracy, which includes getting money out of politics.

The senator was introduced by former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich at Zellerbach Hall in Berkeley, where more than 2,000 people showed up, including Jane Sanders, Senator Sanders's wife.

This was, of course, an event to promote his book, "Our Revolution," so the tickets were sold through two local bookstores.

He didn't talk a lot specifically about his book, but he did talk a lot about President-elect Donald Trump. A couple of times he referred to things Trump has done, or he himself as delusional.

Hermela talked to people who attended the event. Here are some of their takeaways:

"Well, Bernie Sanders is a role model for all of us. His discussion about the moral imperative of thinking about human rights when we discuss issues like housing and health, they are not just technical issues. They are actual basic human rights." - Kate Harrison, Berkeley City Council candidate
"One of the nice things about Bernie is that, you know, you heard him once and you've heard him, and that he's saying the same thing. In a good way, though. He's consistent, which I appreciate, but it was nice. It was interesting also because you know, post-election, a lot of people were worried and scared. And I think he did a good job reassuring people, you know, that it's okay to be scared, but we need to go from here and fight." - Soli Alpert, Berkeley resident

A lot of people were walking out with the Senator's book. We understand that if they bought a ticket to the event they got a book along with it.

The event was at capacity. There were a lot of people outside of the hall listening to Sanders via intercoms, and there were people of all ages. It wasn't just young people.

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