California pot rules mark step toward 2018 legal sales

LOS ANGELES (KRON/AP) - The largest legal marijuana marketplace in the U.S. is taking shape - at least on paper.

California regulators Thursday released long-awaited rules that will govern the state's emerging pot economy, from fields to sales.

Voters in California last year legalized the recreational use of marijuana, beginning Jan. 1.

The emergency rules open the way for the state to begin issuing temporary licenses for growers and sellers next year.

But they come just 45 days before legal sales kick off, and many problems remain.

Some predict high taxes will drive consumers to the black market.

Most banks won't do business with cannabis companies, and Los Angeles and San Francisco are among many cities without local rules in place.

The regulations include rules like cannabis businesses can't be within 600 feet of schools and must have 24-hour video surveillance.

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