CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Southern California doughnut shop clerk shot


(KRON/CNN) -- A baker was shot during an armed robbery on Wednesday in Southern California.

The store, Modoo Donuts, reopened later that day and customers came out to voice their support.

Cameras captured the robber shooting a store employee. The worker then collapsed to the ground.

"To hear this news is horrifying," customer Adrienne Werderman said. "It''s really really sad."

It all started around 1 a.m. when a man hopped over the counter at Modoo Donuts.

An employee tried desperately to fight off the suspect.

That's when things took an even more dangerous turn and the gunfire started.

A second man wearing a gray hoodie waited up front while his partner demanded a clerk open up the register.

He grabbed the cash, and then both men took off.

Customers who saw the video are outraged.

They described the employees as a tight-knit, friendly family.

"I was kind of anxious to come by here this morning, make sure everybody was OK," customer Lori Lollis said. "Hope their one employee that was hurt is going to be OK."

Police say both men were wearing bandanas and that they have a very vague description of the suspects.

"This neighborhood is usually pretty quiet," Sgt. Mike Lovchik said. "This is highly unusual for this particular neighborhood."

The injured employee was taken to the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

He had only been working there for three weeks.


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