City services resume in Oakland after week-long strike

OAKLAND (KRON)-- Oakland city employees returned to work on Tuesday after a seven-day walkout, but the two sides still haven't reached an agreement.

The city and the union didn't settle a contract, but they are negotiating. On Dec. 5 about 3,000 city employees went on strike, disrupting libraries, programs for seniors and children, along with other public services.

VIDEO: Oakland city workers return to work after 7-day strike

The workers are asking for wage increases. Officials say the city of Oakland would have to fire scores of workers to come up with the money for the requested raises.

The union says the strike wasn't over wages but instead to protest unfair labor practices by the city, workplace conditions, and cost of living concerns.

KRON4's spoke with some employees who said they were happy to get back to work.

Workers back on the job include Public Works employees, parking enforcement officers, Head Start instructor and about 1,000 professional and technical employees.

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