VIDEO: Concord man arrested after 3 puppies die in hot car


CONCORD (KRON) -- A Concord man has been arrested after three puppies died in a hot car on Wednesday, police said.

Police said at around 5 p.m., a person flagged down an officer to the 4700 block of Clayton Road. The person told police that the dog was left unattended in a car.

Officers found a female dog and about nine puppies inside.

"The puppies appeared in distress, so the Officer took them to the Sage Emergency Vet," police said. 

Two of the dogs were dead at the scene. A third puppy died as police were taking it to the emergency vet clinic.

The puppies and mother were taken to Animal Services. The remaining puppies are doing OK as of Monday afternoon.

The suspect, identified as 55-year-old Clifford Gough, was the caretaker of the dogs, police said.

He has been arrested for alleged animal cruelty and endangerment.

The county is looking for foster families for the dogs in the meantime.


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