VIDEO: Credit card skimmer found at Hayward gas station ATM


HAYWARD (KRON) -- A credit card skimmer was found at a Hayward gas station on Friday, police said.

A Chevron employee saw a suspicious person near the ATM and gave police a call. When he went to look, he found a skimmer on it.

"That's typical, but there was more. As you can see in the photo, the suspect took the scam to a new level and installed a false side panel with microchips and a camera to capture the PIN pad. Thank goodness the alert employee realized something wasn't right and called Hayward PD immediately. Officer Dadej went to the 7/11 store across the street and discovered a similar device was installed on their ATM as well!" Police said on Facebook.

Police say you should always look at the ATM before using it, especially the card reader. They say not to use it if it looks unusual, such as being loose or fitting poorly.

Security cameras captured photos of the suspects.


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