#CurryFor3: Ayesha announces she and Steph are 'preggers' once again

OAKLAND (KRON) -- "Curry, party of five."

That's what Steph and Ayesha Curry will be saying about nine months from now.

Ayesha announced that she and Steph are pregnant with their third child Friday morning on Instagram.

She posted a picture in a T-shirt reading "preggers" in all caps, and baby Curry is already gaining lots of fans.

Within ten minutes the post racked up over 50,000 likes... And with Steph being no stranger to the number three, Ayesha's witty hashtag "#CurryFor3" is exploding on social media.

Here's the post, which she playfully captioned, "Heyyyy how did this happen?!. Curry party of 5. Feeling very blessed... and very sick. Yippie! #curryfor3"


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