Dog missing for 7 years found safe 1,800 miles away

PHENIX CITY, Ala. - A heartwarming story about a lost dog. If you've ever found yourself in that dilemma, you know how heartbreaking the moment can be. We're sharing the story about Teddy, a lost Shih Tzu who will now be home for Christmas.

When he was turned in to the Russell County Animal Shelter, this Shih Tzu was in pretty rough shape. He had knots and tangles, but more importantly, he had a microchip. That triggered a phone call from this shelter in Phenix City to the registered owner, Lay Sisamouth who lives 1800 miles away in Phoenix, Arizona.

"On Monday I got a call from the shelter and they told me we have your dog. Well like, are you sure?" says Lay Sisamouth.

Teddy had gone missing over seven years ago.

"We were moving. The back gate got left open and Teddy ran off," says Lay. "We thought about him for years and then we finally gave up hope. We just thought that he was gone."

Lay thinks someone in the military probably found Teddy and brought him to Alabama in their move to nearby Fort Benning. He doesn't know why he was turned in to the shelter, he's just so thankful he was.

"I was just in a state of shock. The only thing in my head…is that really him? And as soon as they sent me a picture of him, I knew that was him just from the eyes," says Lay.

Lay caught a flight from Arizona to Alabama to bring his beloved pet back home. The lost years have only made Teddy more cherished.

"He looks just like the dog I remember. They said he looks older. But I think age is nothing but a number," says Lay.

This Christmas surprise is one Lay will remember for the rest of his life.

"It's just one of those stories where you're just grateful for everybody that helped you out," says Lay.

Teddy and his long-lost family will be back in the pacific time zone Saturday.


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