FBI: 8 East Bay 'Klap It Out' gang members arrested in massive crime bust

CONTRA COSTA COUNTY (KRON) -- Eight reported gang members are now behind bars, charged with a series of crimes, and officials say they are not finished with this case yet.

Law enforcement officials say the gang members were terrorizing the streets with violent crimes.

They referred to themselves as the Klap it out Gang, a reference to the sound of gunfire erupting.

Becton is peeling back the cover of a 16-month covert investigation.

The entire case involved several different law enforcement agencies, including the FBI.

Pittsburg police Captain Brian Addington spoke about how the group had terrorized his community including the murder of an innocent man last spring.

While details about how the eight were netted were confidential, the Pittsburg police chief did allude to those cameras out on Highway 4 helping out.

And there are more people wanted in connection with violent crimes.

FBI San Francisco Special Agent in Charge John Bennet had a message and warning to those still out on the street looking to cause harm.

The names of the eight arrested are:

  • Darnell Lash
  • Giovante Boyd
  • D'Vance Sumblin
  • Javell Cooksey
  • Lester Curry
  • Ezell Jenkins
  • Dasheid Lash
  • Larry Goines



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