Golden Retriever gives birth to rare green puppy

WFLA - GOLSPIE, Scotland (WFLA) — A dog owner in the Scottish Highlands was left stunned when her Golden Retriever Rio gave birth to a dog with mint green fur.

"It was all hands on deck but then as the puppies started to arrive, we noticed that one of the puppies had green fur. We couldn't believe it," the owner Louise Sutherland told The Sun.

The dog, aptly named Forest is believed to be one of three or four puppies in the world born with green fur.

The rare discoloration is caused when a green bile pigment found in the placenta mixes with the mother's amniotic fluid. The pigmentation is not known to pose any health risks, according to an article in Time.

Sutherland says Forest's green coat already began to fade and is expected to be completely gone in a matter of time.


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