VIDEO: Gruesome details in murder of Alameda County sheriff's volunteer

OAKLAND (KRON) -- Alameda County officials released the arrest documents Monday of the two suspects accused of murdering a county sheriff's volunteer.

21-year-old Karla Ramirez was found dead in Arroyo Vjejo Park in Oakland on Thursday near a creek bed.

Ramirez's body had multiple stab wounds and was burned.

Investigators were told that Ramirez was missing and was on her way to meet a female African-American friend before she disappeared.

The friend was later identified as Laura Rodgers.

Homicide investigators found and interviewed Rodgers where she said she planned on killing Ramirez for several weeks with her boyfriend Curtys Taylor, according to the documents.

"Rodgers was picked up by Ramirez and Rodgers lured her to drive to Arroyo Vjejo park and the creek," the documents stated.

She did not tell investigators why she wanted to kill Ramirez.

Rodgers and Taylor bought a gasoline can, and the gas used to burn Ramirez's body.

Taylor waited for the two women to arrive to the park.

Once the assault took place, Taylor helped Rodgers pour gasoline over Ramirez's body, according to documents.

Taylor and Rodgers then used other weapons to carry out the murder like the knife, matches and Ramirez's car keys.

The couple left the scene in Ramirez's car.

"Rodgers stated she and Taylor discarded the physical evidence such as the knife, gas can, clothing Rodgers was wearing at the time of the murder and clothing and belongings of Ramirez from inside the vehicle into a trash dumpster at the Days Inn in Hayward," the documents said.

The physical evidence like Rodgers' clothing and Ramirez's personal items were found in the Days Inn dumpster.

Rodgers and Taylor were charged Monday and are back in court on Tuesday at 9 a.m.

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