LaVar Ball knocks Trump's role in son's release from China

CNN/KRON -- President Trump said three UCLA basketball players should thank him for not going to jail in China.

However, the father of one of those players says "not really."

LaVar Ball, whose son LiAngelo was on the UCLA roster, downplayed Trump's role in an interview with ESPN.

He said everybody wants to make it seem that Trump did much more than he really did.

ESPN quotes Ball as saying, "Don't tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out."

The players were arrested for shoplifting during a team trip to China last week.

Trump later said that he personally intervened with the Chinese president to have the players released.

Although all three players thanked Trump in a joint press conference after flying back home, Trump has since tweeted he "should have left them there."

This was a direct response to LaVar Ball's comments on Trump's role in their release.


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