Man gets 77 years for 'horrendous and senseless' murder of 3-year-old

WISH - INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) - A 27-year-old man was sentenced Friday to 77 years in prison for the murder of 3-year-old Amabel Calderon in 2014, the prosecutor's office said.

"The torture and murder of Amabel is without question one of the most horrendous and senseless crimes we have witnessed during my seven years in office," Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said Oct. 27 during Freddie Bailey's plea agreement hearing.

In addition to pleading guilty to the Dec. 22, 2014, murder, Bailey pleaded guilty to two counts of battery for causing injuries to two of Amabel's siblings, ages 1 and 5 at the time of the abuse. Bailey admitted to abuse causing bruising across their bodies and small circular scabbing consistent with cigarette burns on their faces and hands.

"While we grieve the loss of Amabel, we continually think of her two siblings who lived in the same room and endured cruel and senseless abuse of their own at the hands of Freddie Bailey," the prosecutor said today in a news release. "We hope that they are given the opportunities of the safe and healthy lives that they deserve, free of fear from further abuse."

The release said Amabel's was diagnosed with a closed head injury, eye hemorrhages and bruises on her body. Amabel's head injuries were consistent with being violently hit against a wall, while many of her bruises were consistent with bite marks. Bailey told detectives that he bit Amabel, including at least one occasion when he picked Amabel off the ground and into the air with only his teeth.

At the time of Amabel's death, Bailey was the boyfriend of the children's mother, Maria Calderon, the release said. In April 2016, Maria Calderon pleaded guilty to neglect of a dependent resulting in death. Pursuant to a plea agreement, she was sentenced in November 2017 to 40 years, with 20 years served in prison and five to be served in Community Corrections.


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