Mountain lion sighting in San Carlos

SAN CARLOS (KRON) -- A resident reports seeing what they believe was a mountain lion this morning in San Carlos, according to San Mateo County officials.

They saw the mountain lion around 7:15 a.m. on Melendy Drive near Crestview Drive, county officials said.

It is rare for these wild cats to approach humans, as they usually avoid confrontation. Never-the-less, you can follow these simple rules from San Mateo County to keep you and your family safe:

1. Do not feed deer. It is illegal in California and it will attract mountain lions.

2. If you see a mountain lion DO NOT APPROACH IT, especially one that is feeding or with offspring.

3. Avoid hiking or jogging through wooded areas when mountain lions are most active—dawn, dusk, or at night.

4. Keep a close watch on small children when hiking or traveling in or about wooded areas.

5. If you encounter a mountain lion, do not run; instead, face the animal, make noise and try to look bigger by waving your arms; throw rocks or other objects.

6. Keep all pets and pet food INDOORS at night. Even the largest domesticated dogs and cats can be prey to a mountain lion

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