Common household cleaning products may be harmful to your health

SALT LAKE, Utah (KTVX) - The Environmental Working Group, a nonprofit organization, released a guide to household cleaning products which may surprise you.

The research focused on over 2,000 household cleaning products and graded them based on the safety of known ingredients and if the products lists all the contained ingredients on the label.

The research looks at air fresheners, all-purpose cleaners, bathroom, dishwashing, floor care, kitchen, and furniture and laundry cleaners. 

Over half of these products contain ingredients harmful to the lungs while others can aggravate asthma.

For example, out of 400 all-purpose cleaners researched, only 5.3 percent got an A rating. Approximately 39 percent got an F rating, including Clorox Clean Up. The EWG found links to asthma-related problems.

Approximately 56 percent of bathroom cleaners got an F rating, including Kaboom Foam Tastic. The EWG said it contains chemicals that may be linked to cancer.

A spokeswoman with the Utah Poison Control said she had not heard of the Environmental Working Group.

She said the Environmental Protection Agency offers good advice for concerned consumers.

Cleaning products are necessary for maintaining healthful conditions in the home, but many can present health and environmental concerns, including eye, skin, or respiratory irritation, or more serious issues.

Most importantly, look for “signal” words on products labels such as “danger” or “poison.”

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