Hailstones pummel southern Colorado in worst storm in decades

EL PASO COUNTY (CNN) -- Hailstones pummeled areas southeast of Colorado Springs, including Fountain and Fort Carson. 

The Air Force Academy and Black Forest also saw hail up to an inch, and to some, it sounded like an attack. 

"Out of nowhere, there was a huge boom, a crash of lightning and then... I live near Fort Carson so I'm used to artillery but this was like someone was setting off a fireworks grand finale in my backyard all at once," said one resident. 

When the sun came up, the extent of the damage from this historic storm became even more clear. 

Broken car windows, major damage to the siding of homes, even holes in the roof. 

Now comes the cleanup. 

Sweeping debris from driveways, boarding windows and calling insurance companies. 

For some, the damage is manageable. 

For others, debilitating. 

At one local business, more than 100 boats and RVs were damaged. 

All thanks to this extraordinary overnight storm, one the County hasn't seen since 1995. 



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