VIDEO: Girl on horseback denied service in Starbucks drive-through

ANTHEM, Ariz. (KRON) - An Arizona girl says she was denied service at a Starbucks drive-thru when she pulled up on horseback.

Aspen Cline says she and a friend were out riding in the City of Athem when they decided to take their horses for a tasty treat.

However, when they arrived at the window, the barista turned them away.

“We weren’t given any reason. Just, ‘We can’t take your order,'” Aspen said.

She says all they wanted was a couple of Frappuccinos and a cup of whip cream for the horses.

Although there’s plenty of video on social media showing riders taking their horses through Starbucks drive-thrus, company officials say it’s technically not allowed.

The drive-thru is designated for cars only for the safety of the horses, riders, and employees, a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson added that the barista was probably just caught off guard, and that Aspen and her horse Scout are welcome to come back if they give advance notice.

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