VIDEO: Oakland man charged with mailing explosive device to East Palo Alto home


OAKLAND (KRON) -- A man accused of mailing an explosive device to an East Palo Alto home has been charged, federal officials announced Thursday.

56-year-old Ross Gordon Laverty, of Oakland, is accused of mailing at least one explosive device with the intent to injure or kill.

The charges against Laverty is based upon a bombing incident that occurred in October, according to federal officials.

The complaint filed alleges that on October 11 a package containing an improvised explosive device was delivered to an address in East Palo Alto.

The victim became suspicious of the package and initially decided not to open it.

However, a few days later, the victim carried the package outside of his home and opened it in his backyard, causing it to detonate and injure the victim.

In November, an officer with the Alameda Police Department also received a package that exploded, however, it's unclear if that is related to Laverty.

If convicted of the charge, Laverty faces a maximum sentence of 20 years' imprisonment and a maximum fine of $250,000.

Further details were not available at this time.

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