VIDEO: Oakland city attorney recommends $1 million settlement in police sex scandal claim


OAKLAND (KRON) -- The City of Oakland was recommended to pay nearly $1 million to settle a claim filed by the woman at the center of last year's police sex scandal.

At Tuesday's council meeting, City Attorney Barbara Parker's office recommended settling the case for $989,000.

Jasmine Abuslin, formerly known as Celeste Guap, now 19, sued the city for $66 million in damages in September 2016. Absulin, who is the daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, alleged that Oakland police officers exploited and victimized her in violation of her civil rights.

Criminal charges have been filed against four former and current Oakland police officers for allegedly knowing about her claims but failing to inform supervisors, having sex with her when she was underage and giving her confidential police information.

John Burris, the woman's attorney, said he's recommending that the woman accept Parker's offer if it's approved by the City Council.

Burris said he doesn't want to comment on the proposed settlement until it's finalized.

The woman has also filed claims against other jurisdictions, including the cities of Richmond, Livermore and San Francisco, seeking millions of dollars in damages.

Burris said that so far he's focused primarily on the possible settlement with Oakland and will focus on the other claims once the Oakland case is finalized.


Abuslin's original claim against Oakland said "Whent was the police chief…during the time when Oakland Police officers were raping, victimizing, exploiting, and trafficking [Abuslin]. Whent had personal knowledge that (Abuslin) was being sexually exploited as a minor and took no action to prevent the exploitation or to protect (Abuslin)."

Before Abuslin turned 18, the claim said, "In 2015, she met Oakland Police Officer Brendan O' Brien [deceased] while she was running from a pimp. Having come into contact with a minor running from her pimp, Officer O' Brien was obligated under California Penal Code 236.2 to make certain inquiries regarding [Abuslin's] wellbeing."

Instead of protecting Abuslin from sexual exploitation, O' Brien sexually exploited her himself, the documents said.

"In addition to Officer O' Brien, Officer G.L. and other officers and deputies also sexually exploited (Abuslin) when she was a minor, and continuing into 2016, after she turned 18, providing her protection and information about police business for sexual favors. None of them ever offered her information or help in escaping from sexual exploitation," the documents said.

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