VIDEO: Peralta board orders chancellor to halt Oakland A's stadium planning

OAKLAND (KRON) -- Peralta College's Board of Trustees ordered the chancellor to discontinue plans with the Oakland A's on a new baseball stadium.

The A's had proposed to build the teams new ballpark at the Peralta Community College's site near Lake Merritt.

"The District will build on its shared governance model to reimagine the District's needs and the resources to meet them. We will develop a robust and inclusive internal engagement process to assess our needs and partnerships aligned with our mission. The Board of Trustees will continue due diligence in determining the costs and benefits of potential development," the statement said.

According to Sean Marx, of Give Something Back Workplace Solutions, the new ballpark would have brought in $10 billion over the next 10 years and 2,000 construction jobs.

The Oakland A's was surprised by the Boards decision to halt future plans. In a statement released on Wednesday saying they are "shocked by Peralta's decision to not move forward."

"All we wanted to do was enter into a conversation about how to make this work for all of Oakland, Laney, and the Peralta Community College District," the statement said. "We are disappointed that we will not have that opportunity."

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said in a statement on Twitter that the city "remains fiercely determined to keep the Athletics in Oakland."

"It is unfortunate the discussion w/ Peralta ended so abruptly, yet we're committed, more than ever, to working with the A's and our community to find the right spot in OAK for a privately-financed ballpark," Schaaf said.

Groups representing faculty, staff, and students at Laney College and other Peralta schools have opposed the stadium plans, saying it could displace long-time residents in the area, make it harder for students to live nearby, and create an increase in traffic and pollution.

Oakland City Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan has issued the following statement:

I believe we should work on options for the A's at the Coliseum site.

The Coliseum site already has a BART station with large capacity, and the pedestrian walkway could be improved, both to make it larger, and to make it more attractive and welcoming. The Coliseum site has easy access to the airport, the freeway, BART, rail (Amtrak/Capitol Corridor), and is already approved with CEQA clearance.

That site could house a new A's ballpark, along with shops, bars, restaurants and hotels to create a vibrant and successful environment.

Since the Peralta site would have required Lake Merritt BART station expansion and roadway/freeway changes, it seems we could have an affordable and financially viable option at Coliseum, which won't have those extra costs. The fact that environmental clearance is already completed for the Coliseum site would also provide cost savings and time savings for development at that site.


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