VIDEO: Racist graffiti found in bathroom of San Ramon high school

SAN RAMON (KRON) -- The San Ramon Unified School District is investigating two cases of racist graffiti found at California High School.

The first case was reported last week at the school located at 9870 Broadmoor Drive in San Ramon, said district spokeswoman Elizabeth Graswich.

School administrators did not find the graffiti which means it could have been removed.

A California High School student admitted to being responsible for the graffiti in this incident, according to administrators.

The second case was reported Monday after a student found the graffiti in a bathroom.

School administrators found the graffiti and removed it quickly.

An email was sent to parents detailing what happened.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I want to share with you that we are investigating two reports of race-related graffiti being written in California High School bathrooms over the past week. School administration is investigating both incidents and have reported them to San Ramon Police. Please know that we take all such reports very seriously and investigate them thoroughly. We will not tolerate harassment of any kind on our campus.

At California High School we strive to provide a culturally-responsive school environment where all students feel safe and can thrive. We recently had a great experience with the program "Breaking Down the Walls" which is designed to unify, empower, and engage every student to create a positive and supportive campus climate. Our teachers are committed to Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning practices in the classroom and modeling these behaviors for our students. In addition, we have a student-driven Climate Committee that works with staff to support our school.

As always, it is important that our students, staff and parents know that if they see something or know something, to say something. If you have any additional details about this incident, please contact me. By working together we will provide the best educational environment possible for our students.

The graffiti in the second case was directed at African-Americans, calling them a racial slur and saying that they are not allowed to use the bathroom.

The school administration and the San Ramon Police Department are investigating both incidents.

The principal is meeting with the black student union as well as student government leaders to see what kind of awareness activities can happen within the next few days.

The administration has discussed the cases to students in person.

California High School has 2,700 students and four percent of those students are African American.

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