Police investigate viral Facebook post of burned cat

JACKSON, Miss. (KRON) - A shocking picture of a tortured cat that was set on fire has been circulating is sparking outrage across social media. The viral post also caught the attention of police investigators who are now looking at possible criminal charges.

The disturbing image, which shows the badly burned feline laying in the middle of the street, was posted during the weekend. The photo appears to have been posted by a user profile with the name "Shay Houston." She went on to write several statements mocking the act.

Jackson police are investigating and criminal charges could come when the person behind the post is tracked down.

"An innocent animal couldn't do anything bad enough to suffer what that animal suffered and to leave it alive then brag about it-that was even worse," says Janet Madden with Community Animal Rescue and Adoption.

The post has been shared numerous times and has sparked outrage in people who have seen it. Investigators are working with animal control as they try to track down the woman behind the page. Police believe the person that posted the image lives in Jackson, MS.

WJTV contributed to this report.

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