VIDEO: Rash of robberies targeting Concord medical marijuana delivery drivers


CONCORD (KRON) -- The City of Concord has been experiencing a rash of robberies targeting one particular type of victim--medical marijuana delivery drivers.

There have been seven of these types of crimes since April, and the most recent pot-related robbery happened this week.

It might be green, but it's worth its weight in gold and that makes it a lucrative target for enterprising thieves.

Concord has no medical marijuana dispensaries in town, but some pot shops offer door-to-door service. And the combination of cash and a cash crop has been too tempting to pass up for some thieves.

On Monday evening, a medical marijuana delivery driver showed up to an address here on the 1800 block of Carlotta Drive.

The person who answered the door was not expecting that kind of pungent package so the driver walked back to his vehicle.

"As he turned to go back to his truck, two suspects were waiting for him. One of the suspects pointed a handgun at him. He dropped the marijuana he was there to deliver and ran away. They tried to break into his car to get more marijuana and fled the area," Concord police Lt. Nick Gartner said.

Those in the neighborhood were surprised to hear that this armed robbery was the seventh time since April that a medical marijuana delivery guy has been robbed in Concord alone.

"I guess when you can start selling it in a store and RJ Reynolds starts packaging it, you won't have to have it delivered," neighbor Tim Horland said.

Concord police say their community is not alone in experiencing this crime trend, saying they've heard of other similar robberies happening in neighboring cities.

Police say they have arrested one person responsible for three of the seven robberies this year.

They are unsure if the other four are connected.

They are still looking for the two suspects in Monday's crime and say they are also looking for a beat-up silver two-door car that was seen in the area and could be linked to those suspects.


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