Study: Car you drive could reveal if you are Democrat or Republican

STANFORD (KRON) -- When it comes to your political leanings, a new study says you are what you drive.

In other words, your car might reveal whom you voted for, a study says.

Stanford researchers used a computer algorithm to determine whether a neighborhood leaned to the left or the right, just by looking at the cars on Google Street View.

They did it in 200 cities.

Examples of their findings--when sedans outnumber pickup trucks, there was an 88 percent chance the city voted Democratic.

If there were more pickups, there was an 82 percent chance they voted Republican.

Volkswagens and Aston Martins were associated with white neighborhoods.

Chryslers, Buicks, and Oldsmobiles tended to appear in African-American neighborhoods.

The researchers cross-checked their predictions against actual census bureau information.

They're even suggesting this method could eventually replace more cumbersome government census studies, including going door-to-door.


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