UC Berkeley student raped at party

BERKELEY (KRON) -- A UC Berkeley student was raped at a party in October, police said.

It happened at around 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 28 at the Unit 3 Housing Facility.

The victim, a female student, was at a party with a male student. The woman and man left the party and went to the suspect's room in Unit 3, police said.

Even though the woman told the man she did not want to have sex, he sexually assaulted her, police said.

If you have any information, you are asked to call police at (510)-642-0472.

UCPD would like to remind the campus community about the following safety tips:
  • Rape and sexual assault are never the fault of the survivor. It is the behavior of the perpetrator that is wrong.
  • 80% of sexual assault and rapes are perpetrated by someone known to the survivor, and on college campuses 90% of survivors know their attacker.
  • Sexual assault and rape can happen to people in all contexts, including marriage, dating relationships, friendships, child-parent interactions, employer-attendant relationships and stranger interactions.
  • If you are the victim of a sexual assault and wish to file a police report do not shower or wash your clothing worn during the assault.
  • If you have been the victim of a violent crime the following resources are available to you:

    • Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (Title IX) - (510) 643-7985
    • PATH to Care Center - Confidential Care Advocate - (510) 643-2005
    • Tang Social Services (510) 642-6074
    • Bay Area Women Against Rape (BAWAR) -  24-hr line (510) 845-RAPE (7273)
    • The Survivor Support Website -
    • Gender Equity Resource Center - (510) 643-5727
    • Employee Assistance - (510) - 643-7754

ASUC Student Advocate's Office - (510) 642-6912


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