VIDEO: 3 thieves steal 2 laptops from Alameda Starbucks


ALAMEDA (KRON) -- Getting some work done at a local cafe used to be a nice alternative to working at the office or your home, but now, an increasing number of people who work inside cafe's are having their laptops ripped off.

It's happened again in the East Bay.

The laptop bandits have struck again, this time at an Alameda Starbucks at Park and Central

"I'm definitely on more high alert," Starbucks customer Giselle Fong said.

Police say the incident occurred Sunday night at around 9:30 p.m. Three suspects stole two laptops.

It's unknown whether they're the same three people who entered an Atlantic Avenue Starbucks on the other side of town last month and stole three laptops.

"It's really changed my perception in terms of my 12, soon to be 13-year-old," Starbucks customer Catherine Cook said. "He will go out with his friend to play Pokémon Go with his friend in Alameda, and sometimes, they would stop by Starbucks, and now, I tell them no, don't do that. Wait until your parent is with you. We are much more cautious."

Part of being more cautious is never leaving a laptop unattended, but for many, there are additional ways to protect their computers.

"We make sure they are off to the side and inside and not close to the street, so it's harder to get them taken," another Starbucks customer Haleigh Johnson said.

Alameda is not the only place this is happening.

The City of Berkeley racked up 16 laptop thefts just in the month of January.


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