VIDEO: Bennett Valley residents in Sonoma County forced to evacuate as wildfire approaches


SONOMA COUNTY (KRON) -- There are new mandatory evacuations tonight in Sonoma County on Tuesday night.

People in the area of Bennett Valley are being asked to get out now. This is for Bennett Ridge Road, Sonoma Mountain Road, and Enterprise Road.

Further north of Bennett Valley Road, it's a ghost town with charred cars in front of what used to be homes.

This area serves as an eerie standard of what neighborhoods all across the North Bay can expect if the fire reaches their doorstep.

People stood their ground until they had no choice but to flee. Many of them in the hills own horses and other livestock.

So, there was a big challenge in trying to get all these large animals into enough trailers in time to flee the area.

The mandatory evacuation was enforced by Sonoma County sheriff's deputies just before 4 p.m.

KRON4 is told a lot of people were able to get their horses and cattle down, but when KRON4 got there at 7 p.m., there were still trucks with trailers hoping they could get up there.

"I mean a lot of people left with as much hay and water as they thought would be appropriate and thought they could get back," said Sorcha Dolan, who was evacuating horses. "Not everyone's been allowed to get back through, so it's just hard to know what's left over, what's left up there."

Unfortunately, the road was barricaded as the fire intensified around 7 p.m.

Deputies told KRON4 they weren't letting trailers up there anymore.


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