VIDEO: Chance meeting helps North Bay fire victims salvage keepsake

SANTA ROSA (KRON) -- A daughter of a family who had lost homes in the North Bay firestorm ran into a problem when she wanted to copy some family photos for a Christmas gift.

But a chance meeting at a camera store turned all of that around.

"What are the odds that this man that we haven't seen in 30 whatever years is in this story when I'm trying to do this," Sharon Taylor told KRON4.

The Edwards lost two out of three homes in their family to the fires.

"I mean we literally left the house I took one pair of jeans, two shirts and a pair of tennis shoes and off we went," Joan Edwards said. "My son said if we didn't get out the fire was going to be at our house."

"I was the only one with anything left that had any memories of it as far as pictures," Sharon said.

So Sharon took a family portrait of the five, taken in 1989, to a camera shop to have it reprinted big and framed for her parents.

"He looked at it again and said I am really sorry but it's signed by the photographer and he said you need a copyright release," she told KRON4. "And I said I don't know where to find this guy how can I get a copyright release, really is there anything you can do for me and the gentleman standing next to him said, John!"

As in the photographer John Teague, who happened to be in the shop doing some work.

Teague right then signed a release so that the Edwards and anyone else who came in with his photos could have them reprinted.

"Oh it meant a great deal the four of us out of five lost history of our family and these pictures are really important to us so when we opened the present and saw our big picture again redone like it was 30 years ago it was the best Christmas I could have had," Jack Edwards said.

The family says this chance meeting brightened up their holidays and they are looking forward to rebuilding both homes.


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