Video: Crews preparing for Super Bowl City fireworks show


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- The week of festivities leading up to the big game is set to be kicked off with a bang.

A big fireworks show is planned for Saturday night in the waters off Super Bowl City in San Francisco. KRON's Maureen Kelly went to Pier 50 where the explosives are being assembled.

Morters are being wheeled out and loaded with tons of explosives. It's all happening on top of the two barges that will eventually carry the fireworks out to the Bay Saturday night.

The show's designer said a lot of work goes into a display of this size.

"We've had 35 pyrotechnicians that have worked for three days, and now, we're putting the finishing touches on, connection on the electronic cables. There's five miles of cables that go all around the barge and back to four computers that will send signals out to launch the fireworks to create the effects in the sky," fireworks designer Gary Souza said.

He said this is the same pyrotechnic team is responsible for San Francisco's New Year's Eve display, but they say this one will be different.

They've been shopping for new effects for about a year leading up to this.

"Fifteen thousand aerial shells emanating from these barges, gonna go up...from water level up to 1,000 feet," Souza said. What makes it different is the duration of these fireworks," he said. "It's going to capture the passion of the music, whether it's the upbeat tempo sounds of uptown funk that's going to have these Portuguese shells, Spanish thundering reports, and raucous and crazy, down to the passionate moments of Tony Bennet's, 'I left my heart in San Francisco.'"

The Bay Bridge will act as part of the backdrop of the show.


Some of the fireworks will replicate what you see on the bridge with the sparkling and the moving lights, Souza said.

The Bay lights are expected to be switched back on at 7:25 p.m. Saturday night. And the 12-minute fireworks show will go off not long after.

If you miss this one, a second fireworks show is planned for next Friday at 10 p.m. to kick off Super Bowl 50 game day weekend.

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