VIDEO: Hayward police put tracking device on decoy package to catch thieves

Ali Reid -  

HAYWARD (KRON) -- KRON4 viewers from the Cannery Place neighborhood in Hayward reached out to KRON4 earlier this week about an ongoing package theft problem.

Dozens of neighbors have surveillance cameras set up, but it didn't stop the thieves--until now.

Now, residents worked together with Hayward police to catch the thief.

After a number of package thefts, police used a decoy package on one of those porches--and it worked.

There are two people in custody tonight.

"We put it down at 11 this morning, and by 2 o' clock it was gone," resident Hayward Police Sgt. Tasha Decosta said.

Lan Van Lam and his getaway driver thought they hit gold with this package, but instead, they hit silver--the bars they'll be behind on Wednesday night.

That Amazon box was a decoy with a tracking device inside.

"We found their vehicle, and when we got behind it, we could actually see our box," Sgt. Decosta said.

The thieves were pulled over, and police found an array of other stolen items.

"What we found was, there were additional packages inside the vehicle belonging to other victims," Sgt. Decosta said. "We have one confirmed in Fremont, and we're working on some others."

Lam and his counterpart won't be going anywhere soon. They were both on probation for theft-related crimes.

Now that they have violated probation, police say they'll be off the streets for at least a number of months.

"I hope anyone considering package theft will see this and wonder if there's a tracker in the package," Sgt. Decosta said.

This is still an ongoing investigation.

Police are now looking into whether the duo has even more stolen goods at their homes.



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