VIDEO: Inmates save guard's life when he collapses during work detail

WCMH - POLK COUNTY, GA (WCMH) –The sheriff is calling the inmates heroes, after they saved a guard's life when he passed out during a work-detail trip.

According to the Polk County, Georgia, Sheriff, Johnny Moats, on Monday an officer was working security detail for the inmates at a job site when he collapsed.

All six inmates at the work-release site jumped into action and began helping the officer. They grabbed the guard's work phone to call 911, and removed his gun holster, and bullet proof vest to help him breathe.

"He had his face down and was breathing a little hard so we turned him over to make sure he was OK," said inmate Landon Ware.

The officer is expected to be OK, but Moats said the inmates actions are worthy of a medal. "They really stepped up in a time of crisis and they showed it. They really care about my officers."

As a show of appreciation, the guard's family provided the inmates with a free lunch at the park.


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