Video: Oakland police sex scandal investigation expands to San Francisco police


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- The Oakland police sex scandal is continuing to expand to other Bay Area law enforcement agencies.

Now, an investigation has been launched within the San Francisco Police Department. The 18-year-old self-described call girl going by the name Celeste Guap reaffirmed to KRON on Thursday that she has also had sex with San Francisco police officers.

In a text exchange, she said, "I've only hooked up with like 2 from SF but one was ex OPD."

When asked if she was underage at the time of those sexual encounters, she replied, "No, that's why I don't see the problem!!"

San Francisco police media relations would not go on camera to talk about the sex scandal.

In a statement, they said:

"We are aware of the investigation [refering to what is underway at Oakland police] and are conducting a review to determine if any of our members had any inappropriate contact with the victim."

San Francisco police could not say if the probe being conducted by internal affairs was sparked by a tip, but at this point, they said no specific SFPD officer is under investigation.

Video: Interview with new OPD chief Paul Figueroa

KRON's Maureen Kelly asked former SFPD chief Tony Ribera to weigh in.

"A police officer have intimate relationships with a prostitute is totally inappropriate whether money is exchanged or not," Ribera said. "The main concern is the integrity of the department is potentially being compromised, and if that's happening, strong disciplinary action should be taken."

KRON asked him if officers could be fired as a result.

"Certainly if they compromised the integrity of an investigation, termination would be a consideration," Ribera said.

The young woman at the center of the alleged sex scandal claims that she has exchanged sex for protection and sometimes received information about upcoming prostitution stings from her uniformed hook-ups.

But she has not specified if that happened in the alleged liaisons with SFPD officers.

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