VIDEO: Push for added security around San Francisco Safeway where shoplifter allegedly stabbed employee


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) -- There's a new push for added security around the Safeway store in San Francisco's Richmond District where an employee was allegedly stabbed by a shoplifter.

Now, a district supervisor says Tuesday's attack wasn't the only recent act of violence at that store.

The suspect allegedly tried to walk out of the Safeway on Cabrillo and Seventh Avenue with a basketful of stolen goods. Then, he's accused of getting into a fight with the employee who tried to stop him.

Police say Michael Pardo sprayed the 39-year-old clerk in the face with bug spray and stabbed him in the back, while his dog bit the worker multiple times. 

Pardo also allegedly tried to stab the other employees who came to their co-worker's aide.

The act of violence was a shock to shoppers.

According to the Richmond District supervisor, there was another attack there a few weeks prior, involving the husband of an employee who tried to help stop an act of shoplifting in progress.

"He was hit multiple times," Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer said. "I think he suffered a dog bite. He was sent to the hospital"

Supervisor Fewer says there was also a report of a security guard being injured in an incident at the Safeway on La Playa.

She and the captain of the Richmond Station are planning a meeting with Safeway corporate in the coming days.

"I think they could be more proactive," Fewer said.

The supervisor said she believes they have security guards at certain hours at this Cabrillo Avenue store, although KRON4 didn't see any when it went inside this afternoon. 

What the supervisor would like to see at the Safeway Stores in her district are off-duty San Francisco police officers getting paid overtime by the grocery chain.

It's a strategy employed at a few Safeway stores in the city, like at the Potrero Center on 16th and Bryant.

"Instead of a security guard that also has more experience, more training, knows how to handle these situations much better," Fewer said.

Supervisor Fewer says the recent acts of violence are only minuscule to what's been happening in other districts, but it's something city officials and police are working to tackle head-on.


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