VIDEO: Residents of San Jose assisted senior living facility evicted


SAN JOSE (KRON) -- About 80 families are facing the daunting task of suddenly having to find a new home for their elderly parents after they all got eviction notices this week.

They are being forced out of the Atria Chateau Gardens, an assisted senior living facility in San Jose.

The landlord is planning on repurposing the property for something other than a senior living facility, so now, everyone has just 60 days to find a new place to live.

Atria Chateau Gardens in San Jose's Willow Glen neighborhood provides assisted living for about 80 senior citizens.

"These are people that can't live on their own," a resident's daughter Julie Montgomery said. "They need special conditions. They need walk-in showers. They need all kinds of specific conditions that are usually found in facilities like this."

But now, they're going to have to find those amenities elsewhere.

On Wednesday, the elderly tenants got 60-day eviction notices.

According to Atria Senior Living, it's because the owner of the property, Westlake Realty Group, plans to redevelop the plot and will not allow the building to continue on as a senior living community.

Montgomery's mom, Joan, lives there.

"She's 83, has blood clots in both legs, and has had hemorrhaging in her brain," Montgomery said. "To deal with having to move my mother in less than two months in a very tight situation, there are 80 people that live here, and all of them need to find new places to live."

She says she missed the initial phone call about the eviction Wednesday but got a notice via email and express mail Thursday.

Mike Mejia, senior vice president of Atria's West operations, told KRON4 in a statement that Atria is working with the California Department of social services on a closure plan.

"I mean, I think they're trying to handle it smoothly," Mejia said. "They're trying to come off as they're handling it smoothly, and I feel for a lot of the people that work here, too, because some of them are going to have jobs and some of them aren't."

As for those employees, Mejia says they're encouraged to stay on board during the transition process before either transferring to another Atria community or accepting a severance package.

Montgomery is worried this won't be an easy move for her mom, or for other people's parents either.

"Once you're used to and comfortable with a place, it's really hard to change," Mejia said. "It becomes very stressful."

The community will close in early February.

On Friday, KRON4 talked with families who have been touring other senior living communities, trying to find a spot in an already crowded housing market.

Here is the full statement from Mejia:

"Atria Chateau Gardens is disappointed to announce the property owner, Westlake Realty Group, has decided not to renew its long-term lease. The landlord is unwilling to continue to allow the building to be run as a senior living community and instead intends to redevelop or repurpose the property for another use. As a result, the community will be closing in early February. Atria has been working closely with the California Department of Social Services on a closure plan. Current Atria Chateau Gardens employees have also been asked to remain on board and assist with the transition process before continuing employment at another Atria community or taking advantage of a severance package. We are committed to supporting our employees and residents through this transition process."

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