VIDEO: Secret Santa puts up holiday decorations in firestorm-damaged Santa Rosa's Coffey Park neighborhood


SANTA ROSA (KRON) -- A Secret Santa has been decorating one of the hardest hit neighborhoods from the North Bay Firestorm with Christmas lights and holiday decorations.

At first glance, the Coffey Park neighborhood in Santa Rosa is still very dreary, depressing, and lifeless. The trees are gone, and the houses are gone.

The North Bay firestorm wiped it all out.

But if you look closer, something is sprouting up--something colorful, something joyful looking.

Ronnie Duval had several friends who lost homes in the Coffey Park neighborhood, and he wanted to make it easier for them when they have to visit their burned-out home.

So, Ronnie started stringing up battery-powered Christmas lights around the neighborhood to bring some light to the darkness.

Once the locals who lost homes expressed gratitude for what he was doing, he kept it up.

More lights, more decorations, and now, he is putting up dozens of real living Christmas trees around and decorating them.

Nicole Medeiros heard about what Ronnie was doing and had to see it for herself.

Nicole requested a tree to be put on her lot where her home once was so she could decorate it.

Nicole said after what she has been through, it's healing.

Ronnie was right


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