VIDEO: Seriously injured dog finds new home after 7 months at East Bay SPCA


OAKLAND (KRON) -- A seriously injured dog spent seven months at the East Bay SPCA, but now, she has a forever home.

The sick and injured animals are cared for in the medical care unit when they arrive at the SPCA.

Most, like Tetly, will stay just a few weeks, but a dog named Carrie had injuries so serious that her stay was seven months.

"When she was brought in, we guessed that she was probably hit by a car," said Sam Sylvester, who works at the SPCA. "She had abrasions all over her face. She was limping on her back leg, I believe, and she could hardly open her eyes. She was so cut up. There were moments when we weren't sure she could keep both of her eyes. There was talk about surgery and whether or not we would have to remove one of them. It was really sad. When she first came in, it was pretty awful. She was in really bad condition."

Carrie has now found a new home.

"She loves to play," Carrie's owner Jane Kissler said. "She really loves to snuggle. She's just a super loving dog."

Kissler and her husband looked for more than a year to find a dog that would be compatible with their Great Dane.

They were not deterred by Carrie's medical history.

"We didn't care just because it was such a good fit for us, and we'd been looking for so long for someone just about her size," Kissler said.

If they had needed convincing, the attachment they witnessed at the East Bay SPCA sealed the deal.

"We talked to a lot of volunteers, and they were so excited for Carrie and also very sad to see her go because she was a favorite there," Kissler said.

"It was really bittersweet, and we were incredibly happy for her to go. I worked with her for seven months, so I started to fall in love with her myself," Sylvester added.

It is with that kind of love that Carrie has survived.


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