VIDEO: Thief snatches purse from woman at Lafayette Starbucks


LAFAYETTE (KRON) -- A woman is the victim of a purse snatching at a Lafayette Starbucks.

Police say she tried to hold on to the purse but the suspect managed to get away with it.

But the suspect vehicle was spotted by witnesses. On Friday, police tell KRON4 that the vehicle has been located and is now evidence of the crime.

"This was actually captured on one of our cameras as the suspect was fleeing," Lafayette Police Chief Eric Christensen said. "So now we know what car was involved in it. Now, we collect the car."

A suspect vehicle was impounded as evidence the day after allegedly being used in a purse snatching on Wednesday afternoon at the Starbucks on Mt. Diablo Boulevard in Lafayette.

"So, this vehicle here was the vehicle involved in that," Christensen said. "What happened was the following morning, a San Pablo Police Officer knew of the case, and he stopped the vehicle, and he was able to make contact with the two people inside and was able to capture the vehicle for us."

Chief Christensen says the male driver of the vehicle was spotted parked next to the Starbucks while a male passenger went inside and got into a tug-of-war with a woman before snatching her purse.

"As the run outside the front of the business, the woman screams to announce to others that she has been the victim of a crime," Christensen said. "A person from that 7-Eleven hears that announcement. Then, he gives chase to the car as it is traveling east heading out of town."

Chief Christensen talks about the rise in robberies at Bay Area coffee shops.

"A crime that we may not have seen a year ago, but now, we have seen an increase because people have now learned--don't leave your laptop in the car, don't leave your purse inside the car, and they are taking those items with them as they sit comfortably inside the restaurant or coffee shop," Christensen said.

Lafayette police investigators say they have made contact with the alleged getaway driver of the vehicle and are actively searching for the suspected purse snatcher.


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