VIDEO: Toll proposed on Highway 37 in the North Bay for rebuilding road


MARIN COUNTY (KRON) -- Drivers may soon be paying to drive on Highway 37, which stretches from Novato to Vallejo and serves a major corridor between the North Bay and East Bay.

Transportation officials say turning the road into a toll road may be necessary to raise money for the rebuilding of Highway 37.

On Wednesday, there was a meeting open to the public put on by the transportation agencies involved in the project.

KRON4 did not find anyone who attended the meeting who said they would not pay a toll.

They said they would prefer not to, and they are hoping another solution is figured out.

But everyone on Wednesday night agreed with one thing--something has to be done about Highway 37.

Highway 37 suffered major flooding last winter with the heavy rains closing for weeks at a time.

Thousands of people commute between the North Bay and East Bay every day on Highway 37.

A study by UC Davis projects Highway 37 will be 6 feet underwater by 2050.

Four counties and six transportation agencies have teamed up to tackle the issue that they have branded, "The Highway 37 Improvement Project."

They are going to rebuild Highway 37 one way or another to solve the flooding issue once and for all.

On Wednesday night in Novato, they held the first of four information meetings open to the public for people to come and learn about the challenges they are facing with this project and to talk about the options for fixes.

The agencies are exploring options to obtain state and federal money to pay for this, but there is no guarantee that will work out.

Turning Highway 37 into a toll road or adding a toll bridge to pay for this project is an option on the table.

But officials want all Highway 37 commuters to know that nothing has been decided yet.

A proposal must be put together in eight months.

Three other meetings will take place over the next month if you live in the area, drive Highway 37, and want to be heard.

Public Meetings:

American Canyon – Wednesday, September 27th

6pm-8pm at the American Canyon Council Chambers

4381 Broadway Street, American Canyon


Sonoma – Thursday, September 28th

6pm-8pm at Sonoma Veterans Memorial Building

126 First Street West, Sonoma 

Vallejo – Monday, October 2nd

6pm-8pm at the Vallejo Naval and Historical Museum

734 Marin Street, Vallejo''


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