VIDEO: Walnut Creek woman says it was hard to find help after high winds damaged her property


WALNUT CREEK (KRON) -- Crews are working to clean up and fix the landscape damaged by Monday's winds.

The gusts knocked down trees, branches, and leaves.

Scores of properties are reeling in the mess. And on Tuesday, KRON4 spoke to a Walnut Creek resident who found it difficult to find help.

Lauren Patterson's fence was damaged after the wind knocked down one of the trees in her backyard.

"I looked out the kitchen window and was shocked to see that this tree had fallen," Patterson said.

She knew that the wind was picking up, but didn't think it would cause much damage.

"My concern was with all the leaves falling out front and getting all of those cleaned up," Patterson said.

Now, she has to clean up both the leaves and the tree.

"The first company I called that we used in the past said they were booked through March," Patterson said.

Then, she called others, only to get sent to voicemail or no response at all.

"I'm having so many calls, trees falling, fence," Patterson said. "I have a couple of fences to fix."

KRON4 spoke to a number of companies who said they had a surge of calls Monday and had to focus on the emergencies.

Patterson said her situation was not an emergency but it might be for others.

"People are in (a) similar situation and at least call back to let others know we cannot get to you," Patterson said.

The winds have died down now but tree service crews say that it could take months to catch up with all the work requests they received just on Monday.


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